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Bleed and Trim

If you require your image to go out to the edge, it is important to have a bleed to allow for slight
variances in position when trimming.

This is the outer area of your artwork from the red line out to the blue line shown in the image

It is important that you do not have any important information in the bleed area as 3mm will be cut
off on all sides.

Cards with a “small framed border” are not recommended due to variances in die cutting. A slight
shift in the die cutting can result in the border being off-centered.

The image area is the entire space on the inside of the trim line where your design and content are
safe from being cut off.

For typesetting purposes, remember to place all your text within the image area. To prevent your
text from being cut off, place your text 5mm away from the trim line (green line).



Kale Print require that your artwork is submitted at 300 dpi (dots per inch). If your design is lower
than 300 dpi, it will not print clearly and will result in blurry and unreadable printing.

Many times our customers will use images from the web, which are normally at 72 dpi, and attempt
to enlarge them to meet the specifications but the image will become pixilated (or fuzzy) looking and
will undoubtedly produce a poor result.

In some cases you can fix a low resolution image by rescanning your image at a higher resolution
or by retaking your picture with your camera’s settings set to the highest resolution.

Types of Files

We only accept PDF Files (.pdf) when submitting your artwork online.

Be sure that your artwork is saved in CMYK colour mode at high quality. Make sure that your artwork
includes the bleed specifications to avoid any unwanted variances of your design.

If not ordering online we also accept the following, please contact us for further details and additional

  • Photoshop Files (.psd)
  • Indesign Files (.indd)
  • Illustrator Files (.ai)


Logos: If you are submitting your digital logo, we require your logo be sent:

        a) As a high quality TIFF, JPEG and/or EPS
        b) That your fonts be converted to outlines
        c) That it be saved in CMYK color mode
        d) That your logo is in at least 300 dpi

Fonts: We request that fonts be converted to paths, when possible, which allows the text to become
            vector shapes. By doing this, you will not need to provide us with the fonts that you used in
            your design.


Colour Specs

For printing, we use CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) colour mode.
We do NOT use RGB (red, green and blue) colour mode.
For the best printing results, we ask that you save your digital artwork in CMYK.


When printed in CMYK and we do our very best to match spot colours as close as possible.
There may be a colour difference in CMYK and your spot colour value.
If you require printing in spot colours please contact us for details and a quote.

If you have any questions about design requirements do not hesitate to call:

Phone 0800 252 537 or email us at